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Stribling Testimonials
Clients trust Stribling Realty Corp because they find us to be extremely forthright and fair. Here’s what clients in the convenience store industry, one area in which we specialize, have to say:

"In every transaction in which we’ve worked with Stribling, we have felt we were better financially because of their involvement. Some business owners focus on the commission, but we’ve found that Stribling has always made us money, so the commission was not an issue." "We have done business with Stribling for at least 30 of the 35 years we’ve owned convenience stores. They have been instrumental in helping us find real estate to expand…they made it easy for us to locate and purchase properties that we needed and to sell properties that were surplus to us to be able to reinvest in our business where it was needed. That is very important to a chain; you have to do both and do them well to live." "We know Stribling will hunt until they find the property that is what we need, and when they do find it and confirm that we want it, they will take care of all the details to complete the purchase so we can keep running our business."

– Bob Morrison, Owner, Fast Lane Stores

"A big part of our success is because of our relationship with Stribling Realty. They’ve helped us with selection of new locations, assembled property for expanding operations, and assisted in a 1031 tax-deferred exchange." "They care about people and have a lot of knowledge and contacts that benefit me as a client. Even when we may not be working on a project, if I need something, they’ll answer my question whether or not they stand to make money off of it." "We’re looking to grow, and they’re helping us with that. They have wisdom that you just can’t find in less experienced people."

– Bob Tewes, Owner, Car Care Clinics

"They have helped me grow my business in Jackson, Mississippi, from one to seven locations by purchasing existing stores. Most recently, we’ve worked together on new convenience stores locations and other investment property, including a multimillion-dollar deal in one of the top growth areas of the metro area." "I like working with Stribling because, first of all, I know they are honest. I also like the way I am treated; when I need them I can get through to them, if not on the first call, they will call me right back. I have worked with others who did not provide the same level of service."

– Jaspal Singh, Owner of Jasco Convenience Stores

"Stribling has helped us with selling 40 to 50 properties through the years. Currently, they’re helping us sell some of our surplus properties. The relationship we have with them boils down to one thing: trust. You don’t stay with someone for 25 years without it. When Stribling brings me something, whether it’s a valuation of the properties we’re selling or an offer, I know it is real."

– Tim Putnam, General Manager, Super Stop Convenience Stores

"Stribling helped us sell our company and operations - 40 stores in Mississippi and Louisiana – in 2005. They worked on every aspect of the due diligence, worked with an accountant on substantiating the value, and put together all of the facts of all of the sites for a complete, impressive proposal." "I like working with them because they have kept up with this very volatile industry as it’s grown and changed. They are knowledgeable about the fuel and C-store industries and on the cutting edge. And they understand value – helping us get a good value if we’re selling and determine real value for the best price to pay when we are buying."

– Dan Waring, President, Waring Oil Company (Interstate Food Stores)

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